February 28, 2021

Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 – Budget Gaming Mouse India 2021

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Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 – Budget Gaming Mouse India 2021

Topic: Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 – Budget Gaming Mouse India 2021

Throughout the time the gaming industry has grown and craze of gaming among people has been increased whether it is fortnite, Pubg, call of duty. People do gaming but some of them are pro players who requires better equipment for a pro and better gaming experience and gaming mouse contributes a very importing role in the world of gaming, and specially for those who are pro gamers. So, we have prepared best gaming mouse available under 5000 which gives better performance and also budget friendly and these are the best budget gaming mouse available in India 2021.

1.Redragon Griffin M607 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000

  • The M607 Griffin RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse has up to 7200 DPI (user adjustable 800/1200/1600/2400/7200 DPI).
  • The High-Precision Sensor delivers Pinpoint Accuracy.
  • 7 MMO user programmable buttons, 5 Memory Profiles each with distinct LED color option for quick identification.
  • 7 different backlight modes.
  • The ergonomic shape is built for comfort, fits naturally in your hand, the tuned buttons reduce click fatigue.
  • Giving eSports Pros an extremely comfortable gaming experience.
  • Features: Anti-Skid Scroll Wheel, Durable smooth Teflon feet pads for ultimate gaming control.
  • Comes with 6 foot strong high-speed braided fiber cable.
  • PC Gaming Mouse Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS support.

2.Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000

  • NO EXTERNAL BATTERY : Ripjaw wireless mouse has an in-built Rechargeable Li-ion battery and does not require any external battery.
  • Once the battery drains you can play it in wired connection simultaneously charging the mouse, hence there is no wait time for charging it differently or waiting to get new batteries.
  • It can be charged very easily through your laptop/ computer with a usb charging cable while using the mouse.
  • DUAL GAMING MODE : Advanced gaming grade 2.4 Wireless connection or micro usb cord wired connection experience zero delay between your thoughts and actions.
  • The sensor works exactly with the same speed of 180 inch/sec with a 45 G Acceleration providing a response time of 1ms.
  • MULTI FUNCTION BUTTONS : 7D Buttons give you many options in your one hand to tackle around any situation irrespective of the game genre or gamer style.
  • Pre-programmed forward/back navigation buttons and an easy-to-use scroll wheel.
  • It gives you multiple choices to set the sensitivity parameters suiting your style in best way from 1600-2400-3200 DPI.
  • Ergonomical Light weight design : Adopts an ergonomic design, with naturally curved grooves for fingers and thumb.
  • It makes you feel comfortable and you can hold it for infinity without fatigue.
  • Compared to other heavy weight gaming mouse, this mouse is pretty handy and easy for operation.
  • Plug & play with Auto-Sleep Feature : Integrated time-sensing technology will automatically place your mouse in sleep mode if it is left idle.
  • LED Lights may Turn On and Off Manually.
  • Conserving energy, maximizing battery life for 50+ hours with turbo fast charging of 45 mins.

3.Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000

  • High-performance HERO 16K Sensor: Logitech’s most accurate sensor yet with up to 16,000 DPI for the ultimate in gaming speed.
  • accuracy and responsiveness across entire DPI range.
  • Superior Responsiveness: USB data format 16bits/axis ; Cable length: 2.10m.
  • 11 Customizable Buttons and Onboard Memory: Assign custom commands to the buttons and save up to five ready-to-play profiles directly to the mouse.
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.11 or later.
  • Adjustable Weight System: Arrange up to five removable 3.6g weights inside the mouse for personalized weight and balance tuning.
  • Programmable RGB Lighting and LIGHTSYNC Technology: Customize lighting from nearly 16.8 million colors to match your team’s colors.
  • sport your own or sync colors with other Logitech G gear.
  • Mechanical Switch Button Tensioning: Metal spring tensioning system and pivot hinges are built into left and right gaming mouse buttons for a crisp.
  • clean click feel with rapid click feedback.
  • Manufacturer Detail: Logitech Asia Pacific Ltd, Units 1003, Tower 1, Cheung Sha Wan Plaza, 833  Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

4.Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Wired Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000

  • HIGH SPEED TRACKING : Fusion engine delivers one of the highest gaming mouse tracking speeds of up to 500 IPS.
  • 8 PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS : Customize your Logitech wired gaming mouse and enjoy default configuration straight out of the box 
  • set up one-button triggers personal to you and save them to your G402 USB gaming mouse
  • ON-THE-FLY DPI : Shift through up to four DPI settings, from pixel-precise targeting (250 DPI) to lightning-fast maneuvers (4000 DPI)
  • ADVANCED RESPONSE RATE : They will be communicated to the game at the highest possible speed
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN : Lightweight materials, rubber grips and low friction feet help ensure that your gaming sessions last as long as you can
  • WARRANTY: 2 Year limited hardware warranty. For any queries, please call toll free number 1800 572 4730 (9:00am to 6:00pm-Monday to Friday)

5.Razer DeathAdder Essential – Right-Handed Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Proven history of performance
  • True 6,400 dpi optical sensor for fast and precise swipes
  • Classic ergonomic form factor
  • Distinctive shape designed for extended hours of gaming
  • Multi-award winning technology
  • 5 hype response buttons durable up to 10 million clicks

Along with the Best GPU, Gaming mouse is necessary for the gamers. You have a gaming mouse or a regular mouse or perhaps even both the other differences between the two? Yeah one is design for gaming specifically but does that make it a better mouse and better at gaming. The thing which makes the gaming mouse different from regular mouse is that gaming mouse use laser sensors whereas regular mouse doesn’t So, while gaming you get better accuracy. Most of the people tries to find best budget gaming mouse under 5000 above is the complete list.

Gaming mouse uses higher end sensors for a better gaming experience. Gaming mouse also usually has higher polling rates which is measured in megahertz, polling rate is the rate of data being sent from the mouse to the operating system. A higher polling rate would result in less input lag which is also very important for gaming. Most gaming mouse comes with extra buttons that are programable to use as hotkeys and shortcuts.

The best gaming mouse can shorten the amount of controls that have to be done in the keyboard and replace them with the mouse where it is lot more convenient for most people. Also some higher end mouse have more modular ability as well to fit different hand sizes and grips. Many gaming mouse have adjustable weights to fit user exact means in term of mouse movement performance.

Another aspect that is massively different from regular mouse is grip and palm design a lot of regular mouse are not designed with the idea of fitting inside the users hands to get more efficiency and comfort for long periods of use also known as the ergonomics of the mouse. Gaming mouse do definitely have a much different grip. Gaming mouse usually have a larger profile to fit palm nicely to maximize comfort.

Gaming mouse are designed to be used a lot and take a beating especially for ragers aside from that the mouse is going to be used extensively in the rest of the part have to hold up the left and right buttons have to be more responsive then built well to deal with a lot of clicking and button mashing. Most gaming mouse comes with 50 million click lifespan for each of the buttons and remain very responsive for a long time.

Go try to shop for a gaming mouse and you will often have someone try to sell you on based on how many dpi its rated at this is actually one of the most overused overhyped in the gaming peripheral industry but before we get into that i should probably explain what dpi actually means dpi is a misnomer when referring to mouse sensitivity. It stands for dot per inch meaning the number of dots that can fit in a straight line.

The proper name for measurement of mouse sensitivity is actually CPI or counts per inch. This is the number of counts or virtual pixels that the mouse sensor will be able to display and register on a surface in one inch of physical space. Optical sensors have a maximum native resolution or native CPI based on the size constrains of a mouse usually somewhere between 800 and 1600 CPI.

There are few key feature that define a gaming mouse. The biggest one being the mouse sensor which is responsible for accurately keeping up with the movements you are making with the mouse in real time. This is especially important in time sensitive games like shooter games, or rhythm games that requires you to take an action with the mouse before its too late. In games like you need a mouse sensor that’s not going to fall behind. All the best gaming mouse under 5000 that we have mentioned above have that ability.

Every mouse has a limit for how fast you can move it, before it stops keeping track of your movements accurately. Most modern gaming mouse typically have sensors with a very high tracking speed so if you are whipping around in reaction. The next thing that sets apart gaming mouse from normal mouse are the materials and parts used.

Not only do gaming mouse differ from office mouse here but this is also where gaming mouse can start to differ from each other to the manufacturing parts in gaming mouse such as the switches are commonly higher quality.

The other function is to create a smooth and and predictable glide that can help you play more consistently. This is very important and its probably one of the biggest reasons outside of having a good sensor to buy a gaming mouse because consistency is key when trying to improve. Now, as with regular mouse gaming mouse come in all kinds of shapes and size and weights. This is the preference that differs person to person. So, based on all the stuff above we have brought this list of  Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 which will improve your gaming.


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